Increase Muscle Mass Lightning Fast With CytoSport Muscle Milk

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CytoSport Muscle Milk Light, 1.65 Lbs. - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!, Cookies N CremeAre you stuck at the same weight as you were before beginning your exercise routine? If so,
CytoSport Muscle Milk
may be just what the doctor ordered in order to increase muscle mass at lightning speed. Don’t settle for pricey  supplements or powders that claim instant growth yet yield no results. CytoSport Muscle Milk was designed with the bodybuilder in mind. Your body requires the right fats in order to increase lean muscle growth. While fats are necessary to aid in this growth, not all fats are created equal. CytoSport Muscle Milk contains a blend of LeanLipids™ which are designed to promote fat loss during your workout, leaving you with a stronger, more firm body.

While Muscle Milk may contain higher quantities of fat, the presence of Lean Lipids™ provides the necessary nutrients to help you get leaner.

Benefits of LeanLipids™:

• Because long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids are less likely to be stored as fat, LeanLipids™ contains a specialized enzyme engineering process which provides lipids that are enhanced to retain minerals and supply increased functionality.

• Muscle Milk contains only 20% of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), fast burning fats that are likely to be burned for muscle energy instead of being stored as unneeded fat.

• Engineered lipids which promote leanness and are used as energy during workouts, instead of being deposited as fat.

CytoSport Muscle Milk
is also packed with EvoPro™. While human milk consists largely of complex proteins, amino acids and peptides, designed to for rapid muscle growth, EvoPro™ takes this muscle tissue building process to the next level with higher levels of these nutrient blends in conjunction with lactoferrin, L-glutamine, alpha and beta Micellar caseins, and more.

If you’re relying solely on whey protein to increase muscle mass, you’re missing out on this fast acting product which grows muscle faster than whey, creatine, and gainers combined. How is this possible? The same way in which a child grows relies on its mother’s milk for nourishment and growth is the same way Muscle Milk is able to grow muscles like never before.

Treat yourself to a knockout supplement which combines the energy efficiency of LeanLipids™ to enhance your metabolism and increase your energy during workouts, along with EvoPro™ to replicate the vital nutrients found in mother’s milk for rapid repair and tissue growth. You have nothing to lose – but weight.

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Use Nitro Core 24 For An Immediate Release Of Protein

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Optimum Nitro Core 24Get an immediate release of proteins when you need it! Nitro Core 24 provides you with fast-acting, partially hydrolyzed whey proteins delivered at a time when you need it most. Are you tired of taking protein before you workout, after you workout, and during the day to maintain optimum muscle functioning?

Nitro Core 24 answers these problems with its sustained-release protein blend. Packed with 10 of the most powerful and strategically chosen proteins, Nitro Core 24 delivers a constant release of protein 24 hours a day. Put your protein dosage on auto-pilot today!

Nitro Core 24 boasts the following mighty 10 sustained-released protein blends:

•    Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides – aids in the faster transportation of protein in your digestive system.

•    Glutamine Peptides – ensures absorption and stability in your body.

•    Ion-Exchange Whey Protein Isolate – helps separate proteins based on their charge, leaving you with the highest concentration of proteins where you need them most.

•    Cross-Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolate – required for efficient muscle metabolism.

•    Unfiltered Whey Protein Concentrate – required for maximum muscle mass.

•    Egg Albumen – nutrient packed  protein blend of over 18 naturally available amino acids.

•    Milk Protein Isolate – provides a quick burst of amino acids when you need it most.

•    Ultrafiltered Milk Protein Concentrate – provides more protein and less lactose.

•    Micellar Casein – continuously feeds your body more proteins even after whey proteins have stopped acting.

•    Calcium Caseinate – provides your body with a constant, slow and steady stream of amino acids long after it’s been digested.

Nitro Core 24Nitro Core 24 doesn’t stop there.  Any good workout is guaranteed to leave you famished. Nitro Core 24 satisfies these cravings before onset with its hard hitting blend of dietary fibers, monounsaturated fats, and omega fats aimed at curbing your desire to eat.

What’s Packed in One Powerful Scoop:

•    5 grams of dietary fiber designed to keep you full for the duration of your workout.
•    Enzyme fortified scoops to aid in digestion and absorption.
•    24 grams of power packed protein in each scoop.
•    Sustained-release action of 10 proteins delivered to your body for day and night coverage.
•    A blend of 4 grams of Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids & Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Fats.

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Supplements 101: Why Every Bodybuilder Requires Protein

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588-supplementsYou’ve seen it – advertisements on television or in magazines which proclaim: “Phenomenal muscle gains in six weeks,”  “Super Growth Enhancer,” or even “Gain Strength – Lose Body!” More often than not, these are common advertisements for supplements used by bodybuilders. Be they pills, powders or liquids, supplements are a business — more so, a BIG business in the fitness industry. Bodybuilders often result to the use supplements in combination with their workout simply because supplements offer them that extra edge. For the serious day-in and day-out bodybuilder, the one who enters those contests you see on daytime ESPN broadcasts or in the bodybuilding magazines, they likely do provide a slight advantage. However, this is only true if the supplements are used correctly and if they happen to work well with the particular bodybuilder’s body chemistry.

But as for the average John (or Jane) Doe, their effectiveness remains to be questioned. While the average Joe can get a little help from supplements, they’re not for everybody. The main thing that increases muscle size is lifting weights, and the main thing that causes fat loss is proper diet and aerobic exercise.

There are hundreds of supplements on the market designed for various purposes. For the bodybuilder, the most widely sold supplements always revolve around their protein intake. Protein supplements are designed to add muscle mass. They provide bodybuilders with increased strength and energy during workouts, as well as act as fat burners to enhance the bodybuilder’s metabolism.

Most proteins can be found in a well-balanced diet. They are basically the same as what you would find in milk, eggs (whites only), meat, poultry and fish. However, if your diet is lacking these essential foods, you have the option to purchase powdered protein drinks which are basically raw protein. The stimulants are high-powered carbohydrates which give bodybuilders an extra boost to get through a tough workout.

If you find that you don’t have the time or desire to mix powdered drinks, there are many different kinds of protein drinks on the market, most already in liquid form. Consider them a sports drink like Gatorade, yet on steroids as they contain more carbohydrates in one serving.

Whichever form of protein you choose, understand that in order to receive its benefits you must participate in a workout that allows you to make use of the added amounts of protein in your system. Drinking a protein shake or popping protein pills will not be effective nor lend itself to any results if you’re flopping on the couch shortly after. Combine the proper protein supplement intake with a well balanced diet and workout regimen and you’ll be on your way to increasing your muscle mass in no time.

The Bodybuilder’s Guide to Progressive Weight Training

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588-bodybuilder-weight-trainingThe key to progressive weight training is training to failure. That means selecting a weight heavy enough that when you complete the last repetition of a set, you cannot do another repetition of the exercise. When you have trained to the point where the final repetition is easy to perform, it is time to add more weight. When this is true of all the exercises you are performing, it is time to advance to the next stage of the program. Try to train with a partner. Training with a partner of your own level and ability will help your progress tremendously. Not only is the extra enthusiasm helpful, but a partner will help spot the weight for you, and will help watch your form.

Here, briefly, are some general principles to keep in mind when weight training:

• Do stretch and warm-up exercises before beginning each weight training session. Cool down after each training session.

• Begin your exercise program by starting with your hardest or least liked exercise.

• Isolate the muscle group you are arousing and concentrate on that group throughout the exercise.

• Vary your exercises and change your order of exercise periodically so you do not fall into training ruts.

• Breathe throughout each exercise. Inhale through your-nose and exhale through your mouth. Exhale when pushing or pulling the weight or at the point of maximum exertion; inhale when returning to starting position. Please note: Individuals who have sinus or nose-related problems should inhale and exhale through their mouths.

• Take small sips of water throughout the training period. Do not drink a large amount of water at one time. Also, avoid drinking extremely cold or hot water. Anything extremely hot or cold may cause cramping or abdominal discomfort.

• Move slowly when getting into or out of an exercise position. Use your hands to push yourself up from a sitting to a standing position.

• Never lift anything from the floor without bending your knees. In general, always have a small bend in your arms and legs.

• As a rule, always lower weight more slowly than you raise it.

• If possible, watch yourself in a mirror during all exercises. Watch your form and make sure you are pulling and pushing evenly.

• Fix your eyes on a particular spot so you can look straight ahead when doing all exercises.

• If you ever feel dizzy, stop the exercise, lie down, and raise your feel, slightly.

• Conclude each exercise by tensing the specific muscle group that you have been exercising. These tension exercises will pump more blood into the particular muscle.  If you find your arms are doing most of the work, try doing your arm exercises first. This routine will pre-exhaust your smaller muscle groups, forcing you to isolate the larger muscles.

The only way your body is going to learn how to build muscle is if you train it to. Progressive weight training requires you to train your body to go harder, longer, and stronger with every repetition. This takes time to build upon, but it can be done.

Train, Don’t Strain Your Body: A Word of Advice for Beginning Bodybuilders

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Considering the fads about eating that surround bodybuilding it might be proper to say that a person on such a fad could be eating his way to a heart attack. Some bodybuilders mistakenly think you have to eat rich foods that contain a lot of fat and to restrict your endurance activity such as running. That is not necessary and is ill advised.

When you’re working out, keep in mind that the body breaks food down and reassembles it for growth or uses it for energy. If you want to grow a pound of lean muscle the best food for it is a pound of lean muscle, such as round steak. If your body is stimulated by exercise to increase its muscle size one pound and you eat a pound of lean round steak, the body will use that muscle protein from beef to build your muscle protein. The proteins in beef or muscle from any animal are about the same as the protein in your body muscles.

The average growing male requires 56 grams of protein a day and there are 100 grams of protein in each new pound of muscle you grow. All of which means if you consume 100 grams of good protein a day from milk, or dairy products and from the meat group you will be getting plenty of protein to build all the new muscles your exercise program can support.

The other requirement then is to eat enough calories so you won’t need to use the protein in your food for energy to run your body. You can get those calories from vegetables, fruit or cereals so you can eat a good wholesome balanced diet for your program without resorting to fads or supplements.

In general you need to work out about every other day, or three days a week with a day of rest between workout days. And the most important feature of your work out is to select the right weight, one you can lift easily three times in succession but have difficulty lifting nine times. By progressively increasing the weight you have to lift you can stimulate your muscles to increase in size. When you’re just starting out on a workout plan, it’s best to wait until the skeleton matures to do really heavy lifting. That means you should not try lifting weights in excess of your own body weight. Instead, build up to more heavier weights. You’ll end up with a better body if you don’t do too much too soon. And remember you should train — don’t strain. The end result is a lot more satisfactory.

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