Train, Don’t Strain Your Body: A Word of Advice for Beginning Bodybuilders

May 12, 2009 by  
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Considering the fads about eating that surround bodybuilding it might be proper to say that a person on such a fad could be eating his way to a heart attack. Some bodybuilders mistakenly think you have to eat rich foods that contain a lot of fat and to restrict your endurance activity such as running. That is not necessary and is ill advised.

When you’re working out, keep in mind that the body breaks food down and reassembles it for growth or uses it for energy. If you want to grow a pound of lean muscle the best food for it is a pound of lean muscle, such as round steak. If your body is stimulated by exercise to increase its muscle size one pound and you eat a pound of lean round steak, the body will use that muscle protein from beef to build your muscle protein. The proteins in beef or muscle from any animal are about the same as the protein in your body muscles.

The average growing male requires 56 grams of protein a day and there are 100 grams of protein in each new pound of muscle you grow. All of which means if you consume 100 grams of good protein a day from milk, or dairy products and from the meat group you will be getting plenty of protein to build all the new muscles your exercise program can support.

The other requirement then is to eat enough calories so you won’t need to use the protein in your food for energy to run your body. You can get those calories from vegetables, fruit or cereals so you can eat a good wholesome balanced diet for your program without resorting to fads or supplements.

In general you need to work out about every other day, or three days a week with a day of rest between workout days. And the most important feature of your work out is to select the right weight, one you can lift easily three times in succession but have difficulty lifting nine times. By progressively increasing the weight you have to lift you can stimulate your muscles to increase in size. When you’re just starting out on a workout plan, it’s best to wait until the skeleton matures to do really heavy lifting. That means you should not try lifting weights in excess of your own body weight. Instead, build up to more heavier weights. You’ll end up with a better body if you don’t do too much too soon. And remember you should train — don’t strain. The end result is a lot more satisfactory.