Get More From Your Workouts Through Muscle Confusion

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“I’m confused–what is Muscle Confusion and is it really important?”

Muscle confusion or cross training prevents plateaus

Muscle confusion or cross training prevents plateaus

Your body has an amazing ability to adapt and your muscles are no exception–they quickly become accustomed to workout routines.  That is
why the training principle of muscle confusion is so powerful, it prevents plateaus in your training and keeps your muscles growing.  By changing your  workout routine and adding variety on a daily basis, your muscles cannot become “bored” thus forcing your muscles to devlope faster than any other training method.  Performing the same workouts over and over can also cause your weight loss to stall so if weightloss is your goal, then muscle confusion should be your best friend.

Muscle confusion keeps your body guessing.  Muscle confusion is basically another way of describing Cross Training.   Cross training means you

are doing several different workouts in the same week.  For example, on Monday you may run, Tuesday – bike, Wednesday, swim, and so forth.  With weightlifting it is the same, on certain days, you exercise your arms and shoulders, another day the focus may be your legs, and another day you may be working on  your back or abs.  Cross training develops an overall balanced body that is strong in all areas.  For example, consider a workout routine that only involves biking a hilly terrain four times a week.  This routine would certainly result in strong legs and an increase in overall cardiovascular fitness and lung capacity.  However, the rest of the body is missing out.  Core exercises, balance, and strength training could all improve the efficiency and performance of the cycling.


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Changing exercises on a regular basis is also beneficial in that it helps prevent overuse injuries which stem from performing the same repetetive exercises.

A very popular system that emphasizes the Muscle Confusion Principle is Tony HOrtons P90x system.  I watched the videos prior to
working out along with them and I though to myself–that looks easy enough, I should be able to do that, no problem.
Then I got down to business and tried them out.  These workouts are not your everyday off-the-shelf workout video.  They are
kick butt workouts!  They are tough, but with consistency, they become easier and they provide results. The workouts are scientifically designed
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