N.O.Xplode Is The Ultimate Strength Training Supplement

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If you’re looking for the ultimate strength training supplement on the market, NO-Xplode is leading the pack with its knock-out proprietary blend of amino acids designed to take your workout to the next level. Just one scoop of N.O.-XPLODE™ will transform your usual workout into a high-energy, muscle building, intensified performance routine that will allow you to experience a level of intensity that has long since been absent from your previous workout.

Looking for increased stamina and strength with every pump of iron? Look no further as N.O.-XPLODE™ is designed to elevate your workout, giving you an unparalleled weight training experience that you’ve never felt before. Stop succumbing to boring, lack luster workouts – or worse, dreading your next workout session that leaves your mind and body feeling drained. Get in the zone and pump your way to the body you’ve always dreamed of with N.O.-XPLODE™.

Muscle Building Complex

NO-Xplode contains five proprietary blends of amino acids that are designed to stimulate and energize your body as well as your mind during workouts. This added level of intensity allows you to focus on what you need most: muscle growth. Each scoop is packed with a precise blend of vasodilators to ensure that your body receives an increase in oxygen and blood flow during your workouts. During any workout your muscles crave oxygen and blow flow as it they are key to muscular growth.

Want to go above and beyond your usual workout? N.O.-XPLODE™’s Muscle Volumizing Creatine Matrix also comes infused with AVPT Multi-Action Matrix, a complimentary blend of creatine analogs which functions to help reduce fatigue and help your body increase Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) during your workouts.

During workouts, your ATP is depleted which causes your body to become drained, even if you haven’t been working out your hardest. N.O.-XPLODE™’s Muscle Volumizing Creatine Matrix combats this by providing your body with a powerful dose of ATP to help you push your body past its normal limits. Working like a domino effect, the more ATP available in your body for consumption, the more times your muscles are contracted leading to an effective muscle building workout.

So what’s providing all that punch in one scoop?

•    Contains an Ener-Tropic Xplosion which provides your body with caffeine to help boost your energy, and Vinca Alkaloids for increased mental clarity allowing you to focus on the workout at hand.

•    Phospho Electrolyte Replacers™ used to aide in the production of creatine phosphate.

•    Glycerol Hydrating Polymers designed to keep your muscle cells well hydrated and pumped up!

•    A proprietary blend of: L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG), L-Citrulline Malate & L-Citrulline Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG), L-Histidine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG), RC-NOS™  (Rutaecarpine 95%), Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (Gypenosides 95%), and Nicotinamide Adenine Dincleotide (NAD).

If you’re looking to take your body to higher heights while pushing it as far as humanly possible, give NO-Xplode™ a try today!

The Bodybuilder’s Guide to Progressive Weight Training

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588-bodybuilder-weight-trainingThe key to progressive weight training is training to failure. That means selecting a weight heavy enough that when you complete the last repetition of a set, you cannot do another repetition of the exercise. When you have trained to the point where the final repetition is easy to perform, it is time to add more weight. When this is true of all the exercises you are performing, it is time to advance to the next stage of the program. Try to train with a partner. Training with a partner of your own level and ability will help your progress tremendously. Not only is the extra enthusiasm helpful, but a partner will help spot the weight for you, and will help watch your form.

Here, briefly, are some general principles to keep in mind when weight training:

• Do stretch and warm-up exercises before beginning each weight training session. Cool down after each training session.

• Begin your exercise program by starting with your hardest or least liked exercise.

• Isolate the muscle group you are arousing and concentrate on that group throughout the exercise.

• Vary your exercises and change your order of exercise periodically so you do not fall into training ruts.

• Breathe throughout each exercise. Inhale through your-nose and exhale through your mouth. Exhale when pushing or pulling the weight or at the point of maximum exertion; inhale when returning to starting position. Please note: Individuals who have sinus or nose-related problems should inhale and exhale through their mouths.

• Take small sips of water throughout the training period. Do not drink a large amount of water at one time. Also, avoid drinking extremely cold or hot water. Anything extremely hot or cold may cause cramping or abdominal discomfort.

• Move slowly when getting into or out of an exercise position. Use your hands to push yourself up from a sitting to a standing position.

• Never lift anything from the floor without bending your knees. In general, always have a small bend in your arms and legs.

• As a rule, always lower weight more slowly than you raise it.

• If possible, watch yourself in a mirror during all exercises. Watch your form and make sure you are pulling and pushing evenly.

• Fix your eyes on a particular spot so you can look straight ahead when doing all exercises.

• If you ever feel dizzy, stop the exercise, lie down, and raise your feel, slightly.

• Conclude each exercise by tensing the specific muscle group that you have been exercising. These tension exercises will pump more blood into the particular muscle.  If you find your arms are doing most of the work, try doing your arm exercises first. This routine will pre-exhaust your smaller muscle groups, forcing you to isolate the larger muscles.

The only way your body is going to learn how to build muscle is if you train it to. Progressive weight training requires you to train your body to go harder, longer, and stronger with every repetition. This takes time to build upon, but it can be done.